Interview with Beppe

Giuseppe Beppe

In which projects have you been involved this year?
I have been involved with the construction of the two block girls’ hostels mainly the roof and also in the plumbing works at the new Community Hospital.

What would you say about the work done so far?
It’s not me to judge for myself but I can say I’m satisfied.

Tell us about any positive episode you lived in these three months.
The satisfaction I felt when we finished the roof of the girls’ hostels.

Any negative episode?
I cannot mention one … difficult moments are a normality in daily life.

After many years in Malawi what motivates you to come again?
I cannot stay without coming. Here I’m recognized in the work I do. I am known to be a bricklayer and plumber. Sometimes I feel like an engineer.

Having seen Malawi many times can you tell me what has changed?A little step has been done both concerning work and the condition of life. However, climatic and economic conditions of this year are making things difficult.

Can you tell us one of your shouts?
I was looking for the one tool and I couldn’t find it. I went to the administration office of the Cooperative asking for that. They told me to go and buy it at the market. After shouting, I explained that I would go to the market but for a beer.

If you could have a speech to the Nation what would you say to Malawians?
We have to work hard and try to put our passion in what we are doing in a continuous way. If work is not there we should be creative and invent it.

Give a compliment to Franco
He speaks directly and clearly.

Criticise Franco
We agree, so I don’t have any criticism for him.

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