Tinyadire Moyo receives big support

Following the visit of Tinyadire Moyo to Petro village, a new group called Petro HIV Support Group has been formed. This group comprises people living with the virus.

Jack Edward: We expect more support

According to the chairman of the group, Leonard Lyson, the group aims to conduct awareness campaign in surrounding villages together with Tinyadire Moyo Project.

The chairman said that before Tinyadire Moyo’s visit to the area, people were shy to come in the open to reveal their status. He feels that by revealing one’s status, many lives would be saved.

The list of the names of Petro HIV Support Group was submitted to Tinyadire Moyo Project on Wednesday 14 March. Jack Edward, who received  the document on behalf of the Coordinator, said that he is expecting big support from other areas which will be visited soon.

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