Andrea: A Genius Machine Operator

Andrea at work

His size can cheat you. He is not big. Yet he operates big machines. He able to work on maize mill shafts, threads, straighten motor vehicle heads and propellers.

Andrea Mulowa, just 23, is a son of Bazilio Mulowa, the Coordinator of Andiamo Nursery schools. His story is amazing!

He is a school drop out. He left school when he was doing his third year in secondary school. He did this not because of lack of support, no. He says he his appetite for technical works was greater than what he was learning in secondary school. True to his passion, he is the only one working in General Lift Machine Section at Andiamo Youth Cooperative Trust.

His hardworking spirit and a heart to achieve his dreams, made Andrea learn all the 9 machines available at Andiamo under the supervision of Chimwemwe Chiwere who left the Cooperative for another company before one of the volunteers, Augustino Trusardi came in.

Andrea told us that it has taken him 2 years to be able to operate all the machines.

“Although am able to do all the job alone, I still think of going back in class if chance will present itself,” reveals Andrea.

Andrea is proud of his job as he says he is able to support himself with the basic needs.

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