AIDS is Real, says Jack

some of the villagers during the meeting

Jack Edward has told people in Petro village that HIV/AIDS is real. Jack said this during sensitization meeting which he held with villagers of Petro and the surrounding villages on Sunday afternoon. The meeting attracted three chiefs.

Jack shared his life story on how he got the virus and how he continues to live positively after being tasted positive. He advised the villagers to avoid immoral behavior which might ruin their life.

“You may say that if I am tested HIV positive, I will be taking life prolonging medicine but that’s not the case because in the near future I doubt if people will still have access to these drugs since the number of people being tested positive is increasing every day. We can be a free HIV nation if we abstain from premarital sex,” said Jack

He also said that although he is still strong, he feels that his body is not as good as it was before he got the virus.

Group village headman Petro thanked Jack Edward for being open with them and share his life story which others can’t share. He also thanked Andiamo Youth Cooperative Trust for coming up with a wonderful project which will help people know more about HIV from a well experienced person like  Jack Edward. The group village headman also expressed his gratitude for projects Andiamo Trust has been implementing including the Agricultural Micro Credit Project which has improved people’s lives including in his village.

Also present during the meeting were Get Up Stand Up beneficiaries.

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