New Girls Hostel take shape

The Construction of 2 block girls hostel at Andiamo Education Institutions campus will be ready by Apri l this year, says Philipo Makina, the Foreman.

one of the hostel under construction

He says this is possible despite the fuel problem rocking the country.

“We are concerned with the problem of fuel because for us to transport cement from Blantyre we use our own transport,” says Makina.

Philipo is working with a team of 9 builders and Franco Fiorina, a volunteer from Italy who arrived on Friday 13th to help in the construction of the the hostel which he started last year after finishing a secondary school class block in 28 days.

Meanwhile, the construction of the community hospital is almost ready. According to Makina who is also in charge of the construction work, the completion of the project has being delayed because of the scarcity of fuel.

Both projects are being carried out by Marandimo Building Contractors and Civil Engineering which is under Andiamo Youth Cooperative Trust


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