AEI commemorate Chilembwe day in style

Andiamo Education Institutions commemorated Chilembwe day with different sporting activities. Students under AEI gathered at Comfort ground where sporting activities were taking place. Students competed in Basketball, Athletics, Volleyball, Draft, Chess, Table tennis, Netball and football.In football, form three and Trade test students emerged winners when they played against Forms 1, 2 and TEVET students. At the end of regulation time the game ended 3-2.

All students were given exercise books.

Reverend John Chilembwe (1871 – February 3, 1915) was an orthodox Baptist educator and an early figure in resistance to colonialism in Nyasaland, now Malawi. On 23 January 1915 Chilembwe led a revolt against the British colonial government; the uprising ended when John Chilembwe was killed a few weeks later. John Chilembwe Day (15 January) honours the life of this famous Malawian.

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