Luwisho Kalambo now Principal

Andiamo Education Institutions (AEI) has promoted Luwisho Kalambo to the post of Principal at Andiamo Technical College. Raymond Chaghoma who was a principal since 2003, now is Director of formal courses with immediate effect .

Luwisho Kalambo

Luwisho 33, has a grade 1 for Motor Vehicle Mechanics (MVM), Diploma in Motor Vehicle Engineering, and Carpentry and Joinery. He started working at Andiamo Technical College in 2004 before he joined Tunjimuche Technical College in Namwera 2010 where he worked for only 8 months. When he returned, he was working as a deputy principal and Motor Vehicle Mechanics tutor. According to the AEI Coordinator, Luwisho has been promoted for his dedication and hardworking he has been showing since he started working at the institution. Luwisho Kalambo has since thanked AEI for the promotion which he said shows that the institution and Andiamo Youth Cooperative Trust ( AYCT) want youths in higher positions. AYCT has many youths in high positions.

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