Signs of hunger in Saidi Sani Village

There is fear that  people in saidi Sani village will be hit by hunger if rain will not come as expected in few weeks coming. This has been revealed during the visit the coordinator of Get Up Stand Up Project, Henry Goster made to Saidi Sani group on 5 January, 2012.

No rain: many fields has dried up

Farmers in Saidi Sani village planted with the first rain in November but since that time the rain is not coming which has caused all the crops in their fields to dry. One of the affected members of group, Tchaston Gwetsani, has said that he will remove all plants but his only worry is that he has lost his fertilizer he obtained from the project because he applied  in his 1 Acre field.

Mary Matebule is also one of the farmers whose field has been affected but she said she will not remove her crops because she has already applied fertilizer.

Said Sani is a group of 10 members who grow different type of crops.

Henry Goster said that his office will look into the matter on how they can help the farmers who has been affected with the dry spell which has affected some of the villages in Balaka District.

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